Monday, May 24, 2010

I have 3 cats. One of them has urinated twice today outside the litter box. The urine is dark brown?

I am not sure which one, though I think it is my 10 year old male tabby. I found the first urine on the tile floor just in a puddle. I thought at first someone had spilled coke. The second urine was discovered a few hours later on a piece of clean white laundry that was on my bedroom floor. None of the cats are acting strangely that I can see. What could it be?
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Get him to a vet pronto!
Cats urinating outside of the litterbox could be many things, as simple as the fact the litter box isn't being cleaned enough to their tastes, to the fact that they do not wish to share the box with other cats -- to the first warning signs that something SERIOUS is wrong.

Given the unusual color of your cat's urine, I am strongly urging you to take him to the vet.

Male cats, especially fixed male cats, are notorious for having crystals in the bladder, as well as urinary track infections and issues with Kidney's.

It's a mix of simply genes, and not enough water being taken in by the cat.

Some male cats suffer simple blockages that, without proper and simple treatment, turn fatal!

So, best bet is for you to take the little brown-pee-man into the Vet.

Often, one does not know something is seriously wrong with an animal because they appear to behave normally. By the time you start seeing symptoms, it may be too late. :/

I hope all goes well, whatever you decide!
Are you sure it doesnt have blood in it???

I really strongly suggest taking it to the vet ASAP...both of them!!

Try and get a sample...not easy but ...give them a clean litter tray each and lock them in a seperate room each. Put small pebbles like in an aquarium (but new and clean) you dont have to fill the tray with them. then once they have gone put the pee into sample jars with their names on them (not the pebbles they are just for the cat to scratch). Get the urine tested and the cats checked out.

doesnt sound good..have you changed litter recently??

Good Luck~!
could be a urinary tract infection, stones/crystals in the kidneys or bladder, kidney problems, def something is wrong in the urinary tract system. you need to take your kitty in for some lab tests. best of luck.
check ur 10 yr olds penis and if the tip is red he is more likely the one.
this sounds to me as urine crystals almost lost two of our males to this and it was due to thier diets they had enough water but fed them purina cat chow. my vet advised us to start buying friskies cat food and havent had problems since.
another idea is to watch them closely and note when they urinate and check it. even though the litter is in the pan u can still make out the color as they use it.
in any case please contact the vet asap this is life threatening for the cat.
This cat is trying to bring this to your attention any way it can, by peeing where you would notice it. The cat realizes something is wrong and its up to you to take him/her to the vet NOW. Brown urine usually means blood, and no good can come of that.
You need to take it to the vet it sounds like a urinary tract infection good luck
It sounds like a urinary tract infection to me, but you need to get your cat to the vet ASAP. This could be something very serious. Brown urine is definitely a bad sign.
Take your at to the vet ASAP! Today if possible. He may have a urinary track infection. My male cat gets them. Crystals will form in the urine and they could create a blockage which could turn out to be a bad thing.

Most cats are put on antibiotics and they are better within days. Your cats issue sounds a bit more advanced. The reason he is peeing outside the litter box and on sheets is to let you know that something is wrong and it hurts when he pees.

I have 3 cats that I need good homes for. their ages are 3, 5,& 6. very good pets.

I have moved and can't have pets, plus husband is allergic. The oldest is a great outdoor cat (mouser) the other two are loving cats. All female and spayed. please email me. I live in the Pierce County area of Wa State.
Put them in the recycler the adds are free they also have a section for free pets. %26 are great websites to re-home pets (as long as you steer clear of spammers, of course). I live in the WA state, different county though. Only thing I can think of, is if you are unable to find homes, yourself, check for local no-kill rescues to help.
I am dieing for kat! i dont want a kitten though. can i see a picture? email me at !!!

I dont have any other pets( besides a fish). I will take good care of it! i live in mo!

I have 3 cats and they stink the house out. Short of corking there feline a rses?

what is a good air freshner to make my house smell almost hospitable again?
First, the better quality food you feed your animals, the less their poop will stink. Check the list of ingredients in their wet and dry food to be sure that a recognizable form of animal protein is the first ingredient: chicken, fish, turkey or beef. Second, the litter pan should be cleaned twice daily: all poops scooped, and all pee-litter outta there. Once the stink sources are removed, tilt the litter pan to one side so that the litter goes to the tilted side and about half of the bottom of the pan is exposed. When you tilt it and the dry stuff slides in the direction of the tilt, there may be some wetish stuff that clings to the bottom. Using a non-slotted scoop, scoop this stuff out. This is the stinkiest stuff in the pan. Then, fill a spray bottle with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach: one part bleach to ten parts water. Spray this solution on the sides and exposed bottom of the pan, then wipe clean with paper towels. Tilt the pan to the other side and repeat. Chlorine bleach neutralizes poop and pee, and the stuff that clings to the bottom of the pan stinks the worst.

I know this sounds like a lengthy process, but it only takes a minute, and it makes a BIG difference.

Do you have enough litter pans? You should have 3-4.

Finally, I have never tried it, but there is definitely a food additive you can buy at the pet supply store that you mix in with their food and that guarantees their poop will not stink anymore. You can ask at the pet supply stores or go online to to see if they have it.

Hope this helps.
Change the kitty litter brand. That's the #1 source of odor at least with my cats.
I think febreeze works well covering up odors but thats what youll be doing. If they are males and spraying then get the fixed ASAP. The urine from any cat and spray from a male cat all has ammonia in it which is what makes it stink so bad. Some petstores carry sprays to help eliminate odors like this.
I agree change the brand. I use fresh step scoop for multicats and it works well, but you need to clean the litter everyday to really conquer the smell. I like the clumping litter so it's easier to clean. Also you could use an air freshener that has a fan like glade that can spread the scent throughout the house.
Here's an idea.,. Shampoo them with whatever product a vet might suggest,feed them light.,if you will/Foods that might not sit-heavy on the stomach %26 are recomended for cats as`far as helping diet,vision,fur %26 general health !!good luck!!"R"r`r,r;r->
Make sure your cats are altered. They will spray and are very territorial if unneutered. No smell is worse than cat urine. The only way I know to get it out is get some sort of pet urine remover at PetsMart, Petco, etc. and treat all spots that are stained. Blot and blot with towels trying to remove as much urine as possible. Retreat if necessary. Fabriz Fabric Spray is the best follow up. If the urine has been there a long time, you will probably have to replace the area that has been soiled. Use sand base cat littler. Some cats are very picky when it comes to cat litter. Most don't readily accept the courser litter, but most will readily accept the sand litter. Good luck!
Keep the litterboxes cleaner and neuter the cats.
Use a good brand of litter and change it every day. With 3 cats you may need to change it twice a day. I have 5 cats and the litter never smaeels. i change it morning and night. The scoopable ones tend not to be any good if you have more than 2 cats as they seem to go solid within a very short time which also causes odour.

I have 2 wonderful cats but now I'm pregnant and everyone is telling me I have to put them to sleep...?

I am 13 wks pregnant and I know I can't change the litter box and I have someone else doing it. But ppl keep telling me that when the baby comes my cats will kill it trying to get the milk out of its mouth... This situation has me all confused because to me my cats are family and they are my first children its not that easy for me to just kick them out like that... any advice please!
You DO NOT have to put your cats to sleep or even give them away. All you need to do is have someone else change the litter box and teach the cats to stay out of the baby bed.

We raised our children and when they were infants we had several cats in the home. Our cats never "stole the baby's breath" or any of that other stuff they tell you. That is all urban legend and old wives tails.

This is how we kept our cats out of the baby bed/bassinet. First set them up early...when you are 5-6 months along. Then each time you catch the cat in the baby bed, squirt it with a water gun...they get the hint...quick. Squirt the cat even if it sees you and tries to jump out...the more you squirt the more they learn to hate the baby bed. We had a stubborn cat so my aunt suggested this idea: blow up a bunch of balloons and fill the baby bed with them. Cats LOATHE balloons.this worked with our stubborn cat. My friend placed strips of tape sticky side up in the baby bed. This worked with her cat.of course she then had to catch him to take the tape off of him but it sure worked.

You can also ask you vet about other ways to teach the cat to stay out of the baby's bed.
your cats are not going to kill your baby for it's milk - that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard.
no I have had my cat for 6 years and I have a 4 year old. Just have someone do the litter box for you that is the only concern I know of. The milk thing is an urban legend along with them stealing their breath.
No, you do not need to put your cats down aslong as you are sensible and take precautions.

Sometimes cats sleep on babies, so aslong as you place a net over the babies cot or keep the cats out of the room, there is not a problem.

The trying to get milk from the babies mouth is a myth. For more, see:

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Cats and babies can get on very well. I've got loads of photos of me as a baby - most of the time I was asleep on my mums lap, and the cat was curled up asleep with me!
dont leave your baby on the floor! ;)
what in the world? who told you that you HAVE to put them down? that's so stupid, don't do it. but it would be best if you got rid of the cats. maybe you can have a friend or family member take care of them until you can go back to taking care of them.
that is such an old wives tale.. and its completely ridiculous!

but if you chose to believe it..or worry about it..AT LEAST find the cats a new home..dont have them put to sleep! thats terrible... :o(
If you really can't keep them, put them up for adoption or give them to a loyal friend. You can visit them all you like, otherwise, if you decide to keep the cats, keep them in another room with a sturdy door.
WRONG wrong wrong!! I had cats for years before I had kids and have had cats for years since they were born. Never once did my cats do anything to hurt my babies! Sometimes they will get in the crib and put their face near the baby's face and I don't know why, but it never hurt my kids when they did it. My kids and my cats have always gotten along.
DON'T DO THAT... if you need to get rid of them give them away...

by the way, whoever told you that is insane... the only legitimate reason i have ever heard of for pregnant women to not be around cats is because of a certain disease they can transmit... how about talking to a vet or a doctor who actually knows what they're talking about??
No, unless your cats are vicious and attack constantly, you don't have to worry about them killing your baby for milk.
This is an old wives tale. As long as your baby is not allergic there is no reason not to keep your cats. And should that turn out to be the case, I think giving them away is a much better option than putting them down.
Keep your cats, there's no reason that you would need to get rid of them.
i had 2 babies with 4 cats in the house. there were absolutely no issues at all. i don't know why they are telling you this..maybe they just want you to get rid of the cats?
things will be fine. just an old wives' tale.
That's crazy. I know many people who have cats and have had babies. It's true that you need to keep an eye on them for signs of aggression, and to make sure that they don't accidentally lay on the baby to snuggle. And you already mentioned that you know about not doing the litter while you're pregnant. I think things will be fine - ignore the people who are telling you to get of the cats.
Is giving them away an option perhaps to a family member, that way you will still get to see them and you will know that they are going to a good home.
people are funny...
keep your cats... .let someone else keep changing the litter box...
my baby loves the kitty!
don't put them to sleep! that is just an old wives tale.
Personally, if I were you I'd get a self-cleaning litter box!
When my brother and sister (and me) were born my cats acted normal.
(Except 4 the crying baby)
a cat will not try to kill a baby for milk. Keep the cats just keep an eye on them because they will be curious about the new baby.
not true at all. you can keep your cats.
Your friends are ridiculous. We had a baby and although the cats were a little jealous, there was never any problems.
Do you believe EVERYTHING you hear or are told? I mean cause you can't give them away, you have to put them to sleep, right? I guess everyone you've ever know with cats put them to sleep when the baby came?!!!
Who ever is telling you that you have to put your kitties to sleep is someone I would definitely put on a list of guests to not invite to the baby shower or any other parties after that.
That`s so wrong. Don`t listen to those people
You are hearing an old wives tale. You don't have to get rid of your cats.

Think about this... have you ever seen anything on the news about killer cats? Ever? Maybe in the National Enquirer where they come from Mars but not here.
Ignore those ignoramuses! That is one of the craziest old wives tales on the planet! You and your baby will be fine...I was born into a 2-cat family and here I am at the ripe old age of 51...I survived and so will you, your fur-babies and your soon-to-be human baby!
What!?!? Whoever is telling you that doesn't know what they are talking about. Here are valid concerns...
1. Do your cats puke or poop on the floor? You don't want baby crawling in that.
2. Are your cats territorial? They may not accept new baby.
3. Are your cats snuggly? They may suffocate sleeping baby while trying to snuggle with it. - This is the biggy!
Don't be ridiculous!

Cat's don't kill babies trying to compete for milk.

Of course, you need to keep your baby and the cats separated for awhile until the baby builds up a bit of an immune system. However, the idea that you must put your cats to sleep because you will be having a baby is absurd.

I have 2 questions about my cat?

The first question is: My cat snores loud while she is sleeping, is this normal or could it be a health concern?

Second question: First of all my cat is about 5 weeks pregnant and I notice while she is sleeping she jerks alot her ears twitch, her paws twitch and she makes a noise like she is moanning, I want to know is she dreaming or is she feeling the kittens moving around? Should I wake her up?
Your cats are normal, as for the twitching, the cat is dreaming or even kittenss moving, my cats twitch and they are spayed and neutered, and they both snore. Never wake a cat up from sleep unless you notice a horribile dream anf pet the cat slowly and say it's name lightly to wake it. Got to be careful with waking it. This could cause harm to cat if you wake it up abruptly for no reason. Let them sleep and dream and snore. I had cats my whole life and I am 52 years old and I always had and have them regular vet check ups.
my cat snores 2 very loud he has always done it %26 never took no harm from it. cats always jerk about when asleep well mine all do anyway just leave her to sleep she is dreaming
I am not a vet, but I think she is just dreaming, cats do that all of the time lol
Try speaking to her nicely to comfort her, but let her sleep.

As far as the snoring goes, cats do snore too sometimes, but just in case go get her checked out.
If she is expecting a litter she should have a vet visit anyways.
the snoring could be an overweight problem.The twitching is dreaming,our cats do the same
I have two cats who snore while sleeping!
I don't think you should worry but as a precaution I regularly check their noses and clean them if necessarily...

The twitching is probably because she is dreaming...
You don't have to wake her but when she starts to "talk" in her sleep be there when she wakes up...they tend to be disorientated after vivid dreams...
i dont know but i just love cats!
Snoring is natural especially in short nosed breeds (Persians, Exotics). As far as the twitching she is dreaming and dreaming means that she is sleeping normally. At five weeks the kittens are not moving that much. they are just half way through their fetal development.
She is probably dreaming or it may be her nerves making her ears twitch. Her snoring is normal. I have a male cat who snores too. Best of luck with your kitty. Hope her birthing goes good.

I have 2 male cats a year and a half apart in age they have been great together but know fighting.?

I have gone through the initial teething problems with a new male kitten in the house. They seemed fine together but now sooty has turn a year the older cat is being very aggessive and sooty is scared to be in the same place as him. He had scratches on his ear and chin last week and was always looking for me to protect him. Neither cat has had the operation as I think this is cruel. Would this help?
Hi there!

I'm not sure if I've gotten this right, but is Sooty now 1 year old and the older cat is 2.5 years old?

I understand your reasons for thinking that neutering is cruel. Trust me though, it's not. To help you make your decision, you should read the following article; it helped me reach the decision to neuter my male cat:

If anything it is kinder to neuter the cat - especially if they are indoor cats. It decreases their sexual appetite, so instead of getting stir crazy and frustrated with no females to mate with, they will feel indifferent about mating. This is why neutered cats are calmer. Unneutered cats are basically sexually frustrated and this is what causes the aggression. They also have too many male hormones in their body, which furthers the aggressive behaviour.

Some people class neutering as being just as cruel as declawing a cat. The reason I disagree is this = declawing a cat ONLY benefits the human. It does not benefit the cat in ANY way, shape or form - in fact, it often greatly hinders the cat and causes problems such as wounds on the paws. Neutering a cat is often beneficial for the owners - more placid pets and no unsavoury 'spraying' by the male cats. However, it also benefits the cat in terms of behaviour, stress (less of it) and very importantly, it decreases the risk of many diseases.

Sooty has now reached sexual maturity and this is why they are suddenly fighting. Your older cat basically now sees him as a threat, because Sooty is (in cat terms) a 'man' instead of a 'boy'.

You should definitely get both of your cats neutered straight away and this will help the problem massively. You may find that they still have the occassional fight, but this is natural. You might be interested to know that cats of the same sex find it harder to get along than cats of the opposite sex! There is too much competition going on, and now that Sooty is turning into an adult cat, your older cat is worried about being knocked off the 'top spot'.

If it helps, my two (neutered) male cats still chase each other round the house and fight regularly, but a few hours later they will be curled up together like they are truly in love! Your cats will work things out between them, and if they are not hissing a lot at each other in future, the fights are nothing to worry about. Here are some links to help you to understand their behaviour and possibly try to help them work things out!

xx Emmie
you cant put two older males together that are not fixed because of teritoial issues
Well, I think they fighting is because now, 'Sooty' is an enemy of the older cat. Sooty is of mating age and the older cat probably doesn't want to lost territory or mates (even if there aren't any female cats; it's still instinct).
If Sooty is now 1 and the cats are a year and a half apart, that makes the other cat 2 1/2, correct?
Well, if so, the other cat is too old for the operation and the younger cat might be as well. Call your vet to find what the ages are for the 'operation'. Good Luck!
The older cat is probably reaching sexual maturity and is getting very territtorial and is taking it out on the other cat, i am wary of getting animals dressed too but in males it really helps, and they become very loving and cuddly :) but keep the little chap away from the older one for a little while and see if that helps, also it is the start of summer so the mature male will be in heat.

Hope this helps :)
Sooty on turning one has now developed sexual desires. With no female cat in the house he has probably tried to shag the older cat up the ****. Look at it from the older cats perspective, if some little bloke tried to ram his **** up your **** wouldnt you be a bit aggresive.
Had the same problem myself and one cat left home i have not seen him for should ask your vet as neutering them might help. it maybe that they both scenting the garden and i think them having the opp changes the smell of the scent
Male cats are territorial. Unless they are both neutered they will continue to fight. Even after neutering they may fight occasionally but they should calm down and will probably become good buddies.
Yes the neutering would help. It is not cruel. And it means your cats are less likely to run away or spray.'s cuz they aren't FIXED...if you think fixing is too cruel, seems them beating the heck out of each other %26 tearin each other up is even more cruel, not to mention what the spray smell must be like, it is their natrual instinct to spray, especially when not fixed or had the "Operation" as you say...Take Care :)
Sounds like your cats have territory and dominance issues. It's a very common problem with un-neutered cats.

Neutering them should help. All my male cats have been neutered for two reasons, 1. I don't want them to mark their territory indoors and 2. So that they can get along better.

Neutering is a relatively uncomplicated procedure. My youngest cat was neutered just a couple of months ago when he was 7-8 months old. He came home with just two tiny cuts, no stitching, and he was back to his old self just four hours after surgery. None of the cats I've had have seemed to be in any pain or discomfort after the surgery. What appeared to be the worst for them was waking up fully after the anaesthesia.

I don't think it would be cruel to neuter your cats, in my opinion it's more cruel to force two un-neutered male cats to share a territory when they obviously can't seem to strike a balance. It must be very stressful for them.
it is really important to have your cat neutered - if you don't your cat will cost you more in vets bills due to fighting with other cats in the area and coming back with infections and injuries, you may loose them as they will wander you will also contribute to the number of neglected strays and ill treated cats in the area - if you do not give them the 'OP' you are an irresponsible cat owner
hows the snip being cruel? whats cruel is letting your cat sow its seed and inturn bringing lots of unwanted cats into the world. you wont stop them fighting its the more dominant cat showing whos boss.
I'm guessing your a bloke??
Why is it only blokes who think it's cruel to neuter their tom cats or male dogs?

They aren't *your* balls are they!!

Let them have the op!
It will sort them out big time!
Either that or let them tear shreds out of each other and spray that stink around your home if that's what you prefer! :-D

I have 2 kittens that will be (9) weeks old. I ordered the vaccines.?

I order the shots from Jeffers. Do you think it is safe for me to give them the shots myself? Did anyone ever have trouble with the vaccines from Jeffers?
I have used Jeffers vaccines a few times %26 I never had any trouble. I gave the shots myself. It was easy %26 the directions they send are pretty detailed
I've worked in vet clinics for over 12 years. You need to know how to give the shots. Are they the type that just go under the skin, or the ones that go into a muscle? Make sure your needles are sharp and don't reuse them. Your best bet is having it done by a professional, but if you must do it yourself, then make sure to pull back on the plunger of the syringe before injection to make sure you aren't in a vein.
If you have never gave a cat shots before you should know they have skin like a raw hide..I give my dogs shots and we got the cats this year It was the hardest thing i had ever done .I took them to our vet and she helped me do the rest it is NOTHING like a dogs skin and i was so scared i would hurt them or it would break with it inside .. Not sure on the shots itself i get mine from fosters smith
Good luck!!!
I am NOT trying to mean. But I think if you need to ask then you need a vet. Maybe visit a vet and ask them how to show you for the first time so you know for the second.
Good luck either way
You should probably have the vet do it if you aren't comfortable. Each kind of vaccine has a specific place that it is injected. It also has to be administered the correct way. Do you know if its IM or SQ? Do you know what can happen if you inject it incorrectly? Do you have someone who knows how to restrain the cat properly while you do the vaccine so neither of you are bitten? Do you know what signs to look for if your cat has an allergic reaction to it? Are you positive that you got the right vaccines that your cat needs? If you can't answer these questions then you don't know what you are doing and need to have the vet do it.